Averett University Undergraduate Catalog


Courses of Instruction in Leadership

Number Title Credits Description
LDR104 Leadership  3 This course is an introduction to the study of leadership within an organization.  Students will review and analyze past and current theories of leadership with a focus on the application of leadership principles to the workplace.
IDS205 Leadership and Management of Conflict   3 This course will enable students to increase their skills and understanding of conflict management.  This course is especially designed to help the student formulate a clearer understanding of group dynamics and behavior in the workplace.  The experiences in this course will contribute to the development of interpersonal skills for handling conflict with individuals and groups within an organization.
BSA326 Organization Behavior, Theory, and Leadership 3 A study of how people operate in organizations, how the structure of the organization can affect their performance and the key elements to organizational leadership.  Case studies illustrating concepts regarding human behavior and development in individual, group, and complex organizational settings will be used.  Different leadership styles and approaches and their impact on organizational behavior will also be studied.  Prerequisites: BSA206, 305, and PSY110 or 120 or SOC101.
LDR303 Leadership in Action 3 In this service-learning course, students have the opportunity to apply leadership concepts during a supervised on-campus or off-campus activity.  This course focuses on exploration of individual actions and team dynamics while offering an opportunity for student reflection.  Prerequisites: BSA326, IDS205, and LDR104.
LDR442 Leadership Seminar 3

The capstone course in the Leadership Studies Minor, this course focuses on the application of leadership theory and practice.  Students will demonstrate mastery of leadership concepts and will diagnose orgnizations and create plans for individual and team development.  Prerequisites: BSA326, IDS205, LDR104, and LDR303.