Averett CoffeeBreak 8-19-2020

Posted on August 19th, 2020 by Matt Bell

CoffeeBreak is an e-newsletter distributed to Averett faculty and staff to keep them up-to-date on campus activities and information. Please send information you would like included in CoffeeBreak via this form. For the next CoffeeBreak, please submit by Friday, Aug. 21, for a Wednesday, Aug. 26, publication.

Employee Daily Health Self-Check

Every employee should complete the quick health self-check each day by clicking here. If you receive a green check, you are cleared to work on campus. If you receive the red X, please notify your supervisor or division chair immediately and forward the email you receive from LiveSafe to your supervisor or division chair. You should not report for in-person work if you receive the red X.

We continue to work closely with LiveSafe to get the final settings worked out, but in the meantime, all employees should use the following link INSTEAD of the LiveSafe app on their mobile device. Using this link instead of the app will ensure that your information will be filtered through the employee portal and not the student portal.

We will continue to communicate any changes with this process moving forward, and appreciate your participation. Contact Kathie Tune for questions.


Face Covering Updates

Since the publication of the “One Averett, Together Again” Fall 2020 Plan for Reopening, excellent questions about face coverings have been raised. This email is intended to provide additional specificity to the University’s expectations regarding face coverings.

Our protocol (pages 6-7 of “One Averett, Together Again”) includes the following:

Face Coverings
Averett University adheres to CDC guidelines regarding the appropriate use of face coverings throughout each of its campus locations by students, faculty, staff, volunteers and visitors. Face coverings, when properly worn, are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms. Specific information will be provided to all students, faculty, staff, volunteers and visitors on face covering expectations, proper use and removal, and when face coverings may not be worn.

Face coverings are not a replacement for self-assessment, physical distancing and increased hygiene measures. Widespread use of face coverings among the Averett community, in conjunction with other protective measures, is designed to lessen the risk of community transmission of COVID-19. Even for those individuals who may not be concerned about community transmission, widespread use of face coverings could help to alleviate anxiety of others in the Averett community.

The University expects all students, employees and visitors to exercise personal responsibility and common sense to keep the community safe in all circumstances. Averett believes bystander and peer intervention is an effective strategy to help our community to remain mindful about wearing face coverings. We encourage community members to calmly suggest a face covering be worn if someone is not wearing one in a public, shared space (always assess your own safety first). One could start by asking the person if they have a face covering with them. If they don’t, remind them that they can obtain a face covering from the University. With face coverings, it helps to point out that one properly wears a face covering to protect other people and that COVID-19 can be transmitted when someone is not demonstrating any symptoms of infection.

Our primary focus is on promoting awareness of the reasons for face coverings in order to encourage personal responsibility and compliance with Averett’s face covering expectations for the sake of protecting oneself and others.

Subsequently, more specific questions have been raised about the type and quality of face coverings. To that end, it is important that we discern what are acceptable face coverings on our campus. All face coverings, whether disposable or reusable, must
• be made with at least two layers of breathable material;
• fully cover the nose and mouth and secure under the chin;
• fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face; and
• be secured with ties or ear loops, allowing one to remain hands-free.

Based on the most recent guidance of health authorities, the following are not acceptable face coverings: open-chin triangle bandanas, and face coverings containing valves, mesh material or holes of any kind (there is also new research and debate suggesting that single-layer gaiters are not safe and the COVID-19 Campus Team will be monitoring this research).

We have also been asked about the use and efficacy of face shields to replace face coverings. The CDC offers this information:

It is not known if face shields provide any benefit as source control to protect others from the spray of respiratory particles. CDC does not recommend use of face shields for normal everyday activities or as a substitute for cloth face coverings. Some people may choose to use a face shield when sustained close contact with other people is expected. If face shields are used without a mask, they should wrap around the sides of the wearer’s face and extend to below the chin. Disposable face shields should only be worn for a single use. Reusable face shields should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Therefore, unless a face shield is coupled with a face mask, it is not considered an acceptable masking practice on our campus. The only exception is for faculty in classes and speakers at events where there is at least 10 feet between the speaker and students/audience, and this exception is to allow the listener to better hear and discern facial expressions for understanding of teaching and extended messages. The only other exception to wear a face shield without a mask is for those who require a medical exemption with proper documentation.

Dining Hall Changes and Faculty/Staff Meal Plans

We are pleased to announce the Cafe will remain available for use by faculty and staff. The cafe will remain closed to the public, so in an abundance of caution we are asking only faculty and staff visit the cafe when they are working on campus, and not bring family members or guests to dine with them.

In addition, we are moving to a cashless operation in the Cafe until further notice. We are asking all faculty and staff to purchase a faculty/staff meal plan from the Bon Appetit Management Company for access to dine in the cafe. We are not changing faculty/staff meal plan rates from last year and we are now accepting payments over the phone. If you would like to enroll in a faculty/staff meal plan, please contact our office at 434-791-7307 with your ID number and payment.

To learn more about changes in dining hall operations, like entrance and exits, serving stations, to-go options and more, check out these FAQs and watch this video.

Health Triage Line

If students feel unwell at any point during the semester, please encourage them to call the Health Triage Line at (434) 203-3781. The triage line is for non-emergency cases only. If a student has a medical emergency, please have them call 911 or Residence Life on Call at (434) 203-7245.

Health Triage Line hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

When a student calls the triage line, we will help them schedule an appointment with a doctor, find transportation to the health clinic or hospital and coordinate with their professors if they need to miss class.

If any students are exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19, please have them call the Health Triage Line immediately!

For more information about our health services on campus, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (434) 791-5620.

Return to Campus Q&A via Zoom Every Thursday

Join Kathie Tune, director of HR, for a question and answer virtual meeting each Thursday from 10-11:30 a.m. if you need clarification on what to do before returning to work, what to do while at work and what to do if you need to leave work. The virtual meetings will continue indefinitely.

Email ktune@averett.edu if you need information outside of the Zoom meeting.

Click here to join the Campus Q&A Zoom Meeting

If you would like to dial in by using your phone please email averettcentral@Averett.edu from your Averett assigned email account and the password for access will be sent directly to your Averett email address within 24 hours.

Save the Date: Fall Convocation

The new date for Fall 2020 Convocation is Tuesday, Sept. 15, at 11:15 a.m. More details will follow soon.

Opening Kick-off Feedback

Averett Welcomes Employees Back To CampusThank you to all who were able to join us in our virtual Opening Kick-off for faculty and staff last week! Please take a few moments to provide feedback by clicking this link for the AY2020-2021 Opening of the Year Kick-Off in Review.

Also, the Drive-by Social past the President’s House was a huge success! We had over 100 vehicles participating! Congratulations to the following best-in-show winners: community member Patricia Maurakis, trustees Hampton Wilkins and Gary Collins, and nursing faculty Wendy Childress, Kimberly Lott and Karen Oaks.

Introducing Averett Corps

Averett’s CCECC, Department of Financial Services and Department of Human Resources are pleased to announce “Averett Corps,” a partnership to rebrand and enhance Federal Work Study. We have made some very exciting changes to our existing structure, including:

  • Attaching learning goals to each position so that our student employees see the learning potential attached to their labor.
  • More intentional placement of students in positions that closely align to their career goals.
  • Enhanced professional development opportunities for student employees via Career Development at the CCECC.
  • A new training program for Averett Corps student employees and supervisors.
  • An online evaluation process for students and supervisors.

One area of growth we would like to pursue is utilizing Averett Corps members to serve as teaching assistants for academic departments. If your department could use a student assistant, please email Raven Williams at raven.williams@averett.edu or Billy Wooten at bwooten@averett.edu.

Are you teaching a service-learning class?

Colleagues, if you are teaching a class that has a service-learning project this semester, please email Dr. Billy Wooten ASAP to be eligible for CCECC resources. This agreement form is the stipend request form. Remember, you earn $400 for teaching the course and are eligible for a $250 materials grant.

Backpacks for Danville Students

Averett’s CCECC staff provided 25 backpacks filled with a wide range of back-to-school supplies to the Danville Boys and Girls Clubs for our local Danville students. This is part of a community-wide initiative to provide each student with the supplies needed to be successful in these uncertain times. If any Averett faculty or staff member would like to donate supplies, please drop them off by the CCECC and we will assemble them as needed.

Mail Delivery Resumes Thursday

Mail delivery to offices will resume Thursday, Aug. 20. If you have any questions or concerns please call Rodney Harper at extension 434-791-5782.


New Room Reservation Technology Now Available

A new, streamlined service is now available for reserving rooms at Averett through Microsoft Outlook. The technology is already integrated into the Outlook application for use. Users can select room options, view availability, request room reservations and communicate about room reservation and setup with Lynnette Lawson, special events coordinator. If you prefer to call Lynnette for room reservations and event planning, please feel free to do so. The enhanced Outlook calendar simply gives you another option to check room availability if you are so inclined.

The steps are as follows using Outlook on a PC (and can be viewed by clicking the photo at left):

  1. Click on “New meeting.”
  2. To the right of the location field click on the dialogue box “rooms.”
  3. Choose your preferred room (the numbers are non-socially distanced capacity).
  4. Once you have chosen your room, select “OK.”
  5. Then select “Send.” The request will come to Lynnette Lawson for approval, denial, or other room suggestion.

Rooms can also be seen/reserved by selecting “New Meeting” in Outlook. This will also give you the option to schedule a meeting and request a room for that meeting. For questions, contact Lynette Lawson at llawson@averett.edu, (434) 791-5625 or (434) 250-3769.

Averett GPS – Virtual Information Sessions

Do you know someone who has a dream of going back to school? Help make their dream a reality! Averett GPS is offering virtual information sessions every Tuesday via Zoom at 11:30 a.m. for prospective students to gain knowledge of their program. Encourage them to register today to learn about their endless opportunities!

Classes start on Wednesday, Oct. 14.

Click here to register in advance. After registering, a confirmation email will be sent with information regarding how to join the session.

Opportunity for Virtual Study Abroad & Global Learning Materials

Averett Study Abroad partner, Study Abroad Association, has developed a unique and innovative resource enhance and supplement curriculum from campus. This virtual shared model, with an annual subscription, is accessible to everyone in the institution, including the student body, faculty, staff, library and alumni. SAA offers customized options for specific courses and programs, including onsite guest lectures, virtual reality tours and embedded quizzes and discussions.

The global education program offers four main areas of study including humanities, sciences, business and global perspectives.

Training and personalized services are will be offered, as well as models for customization and previews of the sites. Please contact Catherine Clark (coclark@averett.edu) ASAP if your division or program is interested in participating, or if you would like more information.