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Writing Policies

The Writing Center (WC) at Averett University is a free service offered to all students, faculty, and staff. Please review the following policies prior to visiting:

General Policies

  • We are not a proofreading service. You, the writer, are responsible for editing and revising your work.
  • Students are not allowed to drop off papers. Our services are face-to-face and collaborative.
  • The WC does not guarantee grades or error free papers. It is ultimately your responsibility to turn in error free assignments.
  • The WC does not discuss grades on assignments or contradict professors and their comments. If you have a particular concern about a grade, please make an appointment to visit your professor.
  • We cannot add content to your papers or assignments.

Scheduled Appointments (45-60 minutes)

  • Scheduled appointments should be made 24-48 hours in advance. Same day scheduling is not available unless a consultant is available.
  • If you have a long paper or project, consider scheduling regular weekly sessions.
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes early for a scheduled appointment.
  • For lengthy papers or projects, please request a 60 minute appointment.
  • You may only schedule (1), 60 minute appointment per day.
  • You may only schedule (2) appointments per week. This is to allow all students an equal chance to use the WC.

Policies for Drop-in appointments (30 minutes)

  • Drop-in appointments are given on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, if you really need to work with a writing consultant, please schedule an appointment.
  • Drop-in sessions are 30 minutes in length.
  • To attend Drop-in hours, please go to the Writing Support area of the Student Success Center. If consultants are working with other writers, you may either wait or schedule an appointment by visiting Office 114, emailing [email protected], calling 434-791-5788, or visiting
  • Drop-in hours for each semester are subject to change due to consultant availability. Please check with the Director of the Writing Center for current drop-in hours.

Cancellations, Missed Appointments, and Tardiness

  • Please call or email the WC as soon as you know you will be late to or cannot make an appointment ([email protected] or 434-791-5788).
  • If you miss (2) consultations without canceling, you will not be allowed to schedule appointments for at least 2 weeks. You may continue to use Drop-in hours.
  • If you are late to a scheduled appointment, you are only allowed the time remaining. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, your appointment may be given to a drop-in student.