Academics at Averett University

Averett University’s academic philosophy is straightforward: We want to prepare you for a lifetime of success. While it’s important to us that you excel in the workplace, that isn’t our only focus. Whether you are an undergraduate or a Master’s degree student, we want you to develop the capabilities you need to make learning a lifelong pursuit and to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

When you earn your degree with us, you’ll develop the knowledge and skills employers want. This doesn’t just mean career-specific skills. It also means you will learn:

  • Independent problem-solving and analysis
  • Clear writing and effective public speaking
  • Quantitative and scientific reasoning
  • Collaborative work capabilities and self-management

These capabilities, along with the ability to apply field-specific knowledge in the workplace, will prepare you for the job you find fifteen days after graduation—and fifteen years after. You’ll have created the habits of mind that allow you to adapt yourself to whatever our constantly changing world brings your way. Our faculty will be there with you to ensure you develop yourself to the highest standards and to support you in your success.

Academic Programs at Averett

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