Division of Student Life

Mission Statement

The division of student life at Averett University is committed to providing an inclusive environment enabling each student to develop and enhance personal health and wellbeing, leadership skills, social responsibility, critical thinking and a spirit of service.

Student Life Goals and Objectives

Personal Health and Wellbeing

Students will be exposed to programs and initiatives designed to promote health and wellbeing including: health clinics, wellness counseling, health education, recreational activities, and spiritual exploration where appropriate.

Objective One
Students will have opportunities to participate in health and wellness fairs. Health and wellness educational materials and information will be displayed and distributed in key locations on campus. Students will participate in a group learning experience centered around the topic of emotional well-being and resilience.

Leadership Skills

Students will become actively engaged through the development of leadership skills and qualities.

Objective One
Promote leadership skill development through exposure and access to leadership programming, opportunity and roles.

Objective Two
Establish opportunities for students to engage and apply leadership learning/skills.

Objective Three
Establish departmental standards for leadership engagement, support and influence.

Social Responsibility

Students will gain a healthy respect for self and others by exercising personal integrity and engaging in a community of shared responsibility and social media.

Objective One
Promote the engagement in active bystander intervention through the See It Say It campaign by reporting incidents that disrupt the well-being of themselves and or others. programming, leadership opportunities and through the See It Say It campaign.

Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate the ability to reason and make sound judgements through an exploration of our world’s ideas, narratives and strategies.

Objective One
Teach appropriate strategies for students to responsibly and critically interpret multiple narratives of information.

Spirit of Service

Students will gain an awareness of the impact and importance of service to others.

Objective One
Students will make connections between local, national and global communities by identifying the impact of current social issues on humanity.

Student Life Staff

Fredrick Betts
Coordinator for Retention and Persistence

Fredrick comes to us from DCC where he has served as a Career Coach/Success Coach since 2013. He enjoys working with the students, faculty and staff to provide students with a rewarding college experience. He is excited to join the Student Success Center here at Averett to help be a part of the continued success of the students.

Skyler Daniel
University Chaplain

Skyler Daniel is from Knoxville, TN, and he and his wife Ronella are blessed with two children, Charlize and Amos.  Skyler holds a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Lee University, and a Master’s of Divinity from Wake Forest University.  Half his time is shared with West Main Baptist Church where he serves as Associate Pastor for Youth.  Before coming to Averett, Skyler ministered to marginalized students in Romania, and served various ministry roles before that.

Tammy Jackson
Student Life Operations Coordinator
SEVIS Principal Designated School Official (PDSO)

Tammy lives in South Boston, VA with her husband, Michael, two sons– Malik and Mekhi, and her niece, Tylisia. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2004 in Organizational Management and Development from Bluefield College and her MBA from Averett University in 2008. She is the Student Life Operations Coordinator in the Dean of Students Office. Tammy has worked in college education for over sixteen years in areas such as admissions, advising, registration, business, and financial aid. She enjoys walking, binge watching television, classic literature and movies, and planting flowers. She is a student advocate who is passionate about seeing all students set and achieve their goals.

Holly Kilby
Assistant Director, Academic Support



Lynsey Corriher
Senior COVID-19 Case Manager
Office: 434-791-5852

Lynsey graduated in the spring of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Psychology and completed her MBA in 2021, both from Averett University. She is from Landis, North Carolina. Lynsey has always been involved in many on-campus organizations and found a home in the Averett community. Through her involvement with various clubs and organizations, Lynsey found joy in helping get others involved and sharing their passions. She loves live music, reading, and thrifting.

Nia Johnson
COVID-19 Case Manager

Originally from Richmond, VA, Nia graduated from Averett University in the spring of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management and Management Science with a minor in Economics and completed the MBA program at Averett in 2020. She finds value in helping others and giving back to the community. Her passion for giving back allows her to strengthen her communication and problem solving skills.

Devenia Thorpe
Americorps Student Success Coach

Devenia Thorpe is the Student Success Coach at Averett University.  Born in Ruffin, NC, she’s a military veteran (Army) in which she worked as a Human Resource Specialist.  She has worked for Rockingham County Schools for over 6 years as a Head Volleyball Coach, where she has not only coached but has served as a mentor and tutor to student athletes.  Devenia also has over 8 years of armed security background. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Management focusing on Human Resources.