Okta User Enrollment​

Follow the instructions below to sign up for Okta 2-factor authentication. Click or tap the image to view full-size.


  • Enter your Averett password. 
  • Click on Verify 
  • Select your MFA options. 
  • Preferably, you can download and configure Okta Verify on your mobile device. 
  • Select Setup for your PHONE option. 
  • If you chose to install Okta Verify, open the application, and follow the prompt to scan the QR code to add your account. 
  • Optionally, if you did not select Okta Verify for MFA, you can click on Set up later to continue. 
  • Optionally, enter your personal email address in case you need it to recover your account. 
  • Click finish when completed. 
  • Depending on your MFA selections, you will be prompted to select a method during the authenticating process to OKTA. 
  • Enter your code from the selected method or check your phone for Okta Push Verification. 
Note 1: With the implementaon of OKTA, you will be able to reset your network password via the OKTA portal. 

  • Enter your username and select the “Forgot Password” link at the botom of the screen. 
  • You will be prompted to verify your credentials with the enrolled factors. 
Note 2: Similarly, you can also unlock your account. 

  • From the main authetication screen, click the link to “Unlock Account” at the botom of the screen. 
  • You will be prompted to enter your MFA verification credentials.