Important Dates for Spring 2020 Graduation

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Graduation Day is one of the most important events in a student’s life. Remembering to take care of final details required to get to the finish line is equally important.

ALL Undergraduate Students: The Under graduates must set a time to meet with their advisor to go over their Senior Evaluation to make sure that all requirements are completed. Please bring a senior evaluation page from the student’s academic evaluation to the registrar’s office signed by their advisor.  This document does not need to be updated before you submit it.  Go over it with your advisor and make any necessary notations on this page (i.e., list grades awarded, etc.)

April 4th: All Official Transcripts and Test Scores from other institutions must be turned in to the Registrar’s Office.

April 4th Deadline to Apply for Graduation and $125 graduation fee. There will be a $25 late charge for applications faxed, scanned and emailed or postmarked (and fees paid) after April 4th. Applications received or postmarked after April 21st, will be held and processed for the Fall 2020 graduation. If the commencement fee is not paid by April 21st the student will be withdrawn from graduation. (Traditional students’ accounts will be charged. GPS students must submit the fee when applying for graduation via cash, check, money order or online. The fee must be paid even if a student does not plan to participate in the ceremony).

NOTE:  Graduation caps, gowns and invitations MUST be ordered from the AVERETT BOOKSTORE. The cost IS NOT included in the graduation fee.

The deadline for submitting Cap and Gown Orders to the bookstore for the Spring 2020 graduation is April 4th. Orders submitted after this date will be assessed a $10.00 late fee. The cap and gown order form can be found on the main page of our web site: (Scroll to the bottom on the page and click on See More Announcement & Events. Then click on the graduation cap to access the order form.) *The bookstore does not accept cap and gown phone orders*.

TICKETS: Family and Friends that plan to attend the graduation ceremony must have a ticket to enter the building. Depending on the amount of students that plan to participate in the graduation ceremony will determine the amount of tickets that are given out. Each graduation will have a different amount of tickets. After the last day to apply for graduation. An email will be sent out disclosing the amount of tickets each student will be receiving. At the end of each graduation rehearsal if there are extra tickets left over there will be an opportunity for any student that needs more tickets to get some.

April 21st: All account balances must be paid in full.

April 29th: All requirements for graduation must be completed and grades submitted.

May 1st: Graduation Rehearsal at the Grant Center at 1:30 p.m. Please bring your graduation regalia to make sure that you have the correct gown and hood. Please note that Associate degree students do not have a hood with their regalia. Students are required to attend rehearsal. If you do not attend, you will be confused about where to go and what to do on Saturday morning.

May 2nd: GRADUATION DAY! All students will enter in through the back of the Grant center where they will be directed to the check in room. Graduates must check in before lining up or their name will not be called to walk across the stage. Graduates should be in line by 8:45 a.m. The graduation ceremony will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. If you find that you are unable to attend, please notify the Katie Johnston at immediately.

DOORS LOCKED: At 9:50 on the morning of graduation, the doors will be locked in order for the students to process through the lobby. The doors will be unlocked after the introduction and opening prayer. If your family is not in the building by 9:45 they may have to wait outside during this time.

Webcast of Graduation: The webcast will begin 15 minutes before graduation.  There is also a news story on the website with specifics.

Graduation Audits and Withdrawing from Graduation
After your application for graduation has been received, a graduation audit will be performed to confirm your eligibility for graduation. If you notice discrepancies, immediately bring them to the attention of your advisor or the Registrar’s Office. If you find that you will not meet requirements, have already applied for graduation and wish to withdraw from the ceremony, please notify the Registrar’s Office in writing. Faxes and emails are acceptable.

NOTE: Students withdrawn from graduation will need to re-apply to participate in a future graduation ceremony. Your commencement fee (if paid) will carry over to the next graduation only.

IF you do not plan to participate in the ceremony, complete the bottom portion of your application indicating that you will graduate in absentia. You will still need to submit your graduation application and fees. Your diploma will be mailed approximately two weeks after the ceremony.

Best wishes,

Office of the Registrar
Janet Roberson