Student Government Association

SGA Class Cabinets are elected representatives of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes, who work in conjunction with the Assistant Dean of Students to evaluate policies and procedures. Students are elected to represent their class based on the number of credit hours achieved. Officials also work to help bring different events and activities to Averett. Our main goal is to improve the campus and community life for the students at Averett University. The SGA Office is located in the Student Engagement Center.

Senior Class

President:Devin Merritt
Vice President: Bre Murphy
Secretary:Jared Mincey
Cougar Production Representative: Zenise Chambers

Junior Class

President: D’ante Lambright
Vice President: Niyah Hubert
Secretary: Tristan Miller
Cougar Production Representative: Grace Williams

Sophomore Class

President: Chase Nixon
Vice President: Adrian Earle
Secretary: Zamyiah Mangum
Cougar Production Representative: Morgan McKinney