August Degree Conferral

August Degree Conferral Application

  • To accommodate students who complete their degree requirements during the summer months, Averett University has an August Conferral. However, this conferral is not like Averett’s traditional graduation because there is no ceremony involved. Diplomas conferred in August will be dated Aug. 15 with the exception of ABSN students. All diplomas will be mailed after Aug. 31. (Please refer to information below for ABSN students).
    • Students earning a degree in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (ABSN) will have their degree conferred on Aug. 31.
  • To participate in the August Conferral, students should keep in mind the following important guidelines:
    • Students who choose the August Conferral may participate in the December graduation commencement ceremony by so noting on the application for August Conferral.
    • Students who apply for August Conferral and would like to participate in the December graduation will receive their diplomas by mail in August, but their diploma COVERS will be held for presentation in the December ceremony. The covers will contain photocopies of the diploma.
    • If a student applies for August Conferral, but then does not meet all graduation requirements by July 31, the $125.00 graduation fee will be transferred to the December graduation, and an application for the December graduation will be required.
    • You must follow the dates listed below for submitting information to the Registrar’s office to ensure that all scores, transfer credits and other pertinent information are processed in a timely manner. Please mark your calendars so that you do not miss these deadlines.

April 26: Independent Studies Sign-up
Students planning to graduate in August should register for independent studies prior to this date. Independent studies will not be approved after this date.

July 31: Deadline for Transcripts and Test Scores
Only an official transcript or CLEP, DANTES, AP, etc., score is acceptable. Students should make certain that transcripts and test scores are ordered well in advance to ensure receipt in the Registrar’s Office. If a student is enrolled in a course at another institution and the final transcript will not arrive before July 31, participation in commencement will not be permitted without special permission from Janet Roberson, Registrar.

July 31: Deadline to Apply for Graduation
The $125.00 graduation fee should be submitted with the application. Students can pay by check (payable to Averett University) or go to, click on My Averett, PC Self-Serve and login. Once logged in please go to the Finances tab, then click on Balance, Make a Payment, and Make a Payment again. Adult Professional students will then click on Adult Professional Commencement Fee to make the payment. (Traditional students can add the $125 fee to your account even if there is no current balance.) Checking out on PC Self-Serve is just like any online shopping process- Add to Cart, Checkout, etc. The graduation fee must be paid even if a student does not plan to participate in the ceremony.

NOTE: Graduation caps, gowns and invitations MUST be ordered from the Averett University Bookstore. The fee for the cap and gown IS NOT included in the $125.00 graduation fee. Please call the Bookstore at (434) 791-5640, or call 1-800-283-7388, and ask for the Bookstore.

July 31: Payment of Student Accounts
Students who plan to participate in the August conferral should have all account balances paid by July 31.

NOTE: Adult Professional students should contact their accounting representative if there are any questions regarding outstanding balances, 1-800-948-2810.