Institutional Research and Effectiveness Data Request Form

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Please submit your Data Request 10 days prior to the date data is needed. Data Requests are prioritized according to institutional need, therefore, some data requests may take longer. Some Data Requests may require additional approval(s). Any data provided should be used for departmental needs only. All official publication and external report requests should be processed by the OIRE.

Note: Please provide a very detailed description of the data selection criteria (e.g. freshmen only, all graduate students), as well as time period (e.g. Fall 2004, Academic Year 03-04). Also describe the layout and grouping of data (e.g. sorted by ethnicity). A sketch of a table shell would be most helpful in ensuring clear communication of your need. Also, if you need our help in completing items from a form or survey, please provide a copy of the actual form or survey and any relevant instructions or definitions.


In cases where data may need be directly related to a person's or department's purview, authorizations to share this data will be required.
Averett University seeks to fully comply with the intent and provisions of the Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Within the university community, members of the administration, faculty and staff who are concerned individually or collectively with furthering the students’ educational programs are allowed access to students’ educational reports and records. Requestors viewing academic data are bound by FERPA regulations. What they see is confidential and they cannot release the information to a third party without the expressed written consent of the student.