Housing Information for First-Year Students and Transfers

Fall Move-In Schedule for new incoming students

Residency Requirement

Averett University has a three-year residency requirement.  All first, second and third- year students are required to live on campus except those who been exempted by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. All housing waiver request must be completed and thoroughly approved by residence life.

The Assignment Process

First-year student assignments are made to all available vacancies after returning students have selected their rooms.  All incoming students are given the opportunity to participate in housing selection, based on the date deposits were received in admissions and also the completion of the online housing application. First-year students are encouraged to select his/her desired space by participating in an online room selection; however, assignment to a specific hall, or roommate, is not always possible.  Roommate requests are honored when the space is available and if requests are mutual.

Housing Selection Steps

How-To: Housing portal Log in

Log into your Housing Portal: Portal quick access
We’ve created a series of videos to help students navigate the website. Login using your Averett email username and password. If you do not remember your Averett email username or passwords call The IT Helpdesk at 434-791-5720

Sign in

Make sure you sign in to your portal to complete housing applications and
participate in room selection. Housing selection occurs in steps

  1. Complete the New Student Housing Application
    1. (Incoming students must only complete one Housing Application)
  2. Selecting desired roommates.
    1. All pairings must be mutual. It is not the responsibility of the Office of Housing and Residence Life to help students juggle roommate choices. Any conflict that arises with pairings must be resolved prior to the room selection date or the group will not be eligible to participate in the desired room selection.
  3. Wait for an appointment time
    1. Appointment times can be found on the home page for each student’s portal account.
  4. Log in during your individual/group appointment time to complete the room selection.
    1. For groups of four the appointment time will be provided to group leaders who will then select the housing assignment for all four roommates.
    2. If you didn’t get into a desired space then the Office of Housing and Residence Life would like to encourage you to sign up on the waitlist. Changes in available spaces will open up in time.

Please note that all assignments made in the portal during housing selection are subject to change due to the needs of the campus and shifting occupancy needs.

Residence Life will continue to use a system where housing spaces will be consolidated, meaning Residence Life will take necessary measures to fill empty housing spaces; therefore, students may be asked to move or be given roommates (applies to apartments too) in an attempt to fill space.

*Due to growing enrollment, students will NO LONGER be allowed to purchase paid privates prior to the add/drop date. If you would like a single room, you should participate in designated singles or apartment’s selection.

Once you sign a Housing Contract and select a space, you are committed to the space you chose for the FALL/SPRING academic terms.