QEP Resources 

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
This video compares a “fixed” mindset with a “Growth Mindset.”

The Power of Belief: Ted Talk
This video discusses the intersection of the power of belief (mindset) and success.

Carol Dweck Growth Mindset: Ted Talk
This video explains Growth Mindset with the idea of the “Power of Yet.”

Famous Failures
This video displays famous historical individuals that display a Growth Mindset by overcoming setbacks and failures.

Put Me In Coach! Growth Mindset In The World of Sports
This blog article describes how growth mindset can apply to student athletes.

Faculty Resources
This site is a warehouse of information for faculty teaching courses with a Growth Mindset component. All faculty should peruse this site before attempting to teach a course with a Growth Mindset. After reading through the information on the site, faculty training will be provided. Some faculty may want to discuss teaching with this added component with other faculty presently teaching Growth Mindset. This site is password protected and should not be shared with anyone outside of Averett University faculty and staff.