Averett University Alumni Awards

Do you know an Averett alum who is a leader and deserves to be recognized? There are Averett diplomas on the walls of some prestigious offices and homes. Alumni deserve to be recognized for being excellent in their profession, their community service or their service to Averett. The Alumni Association needs YOU to nominate people that Averett should recognize. Click the link below or on the right to submit your nomination.

Distinguished Alumni Award – recognizes graduates for their service or accomplishments in their personal or professional lives.

Click here for a list of Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.

Mary Jo Davis Outstanding Alumni Award – awarded to graduates who have contributed to Averett and the community at large in the way Mary Jo Davis did.

Click here for a list of Mary Jo Davis Outstanding Alumni Award recipients.

Recent Distinguished Alumni Award – recognizes alumni who have graduated in the last ten years for their professional or humanitarian efforts.

Click here for a list of Recent Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.

Frank Campbell Service Award – Recognizes alumni for a specific service for Averett or for serving in the manner shown by Dr. Campbell, Averett President Emeritus.

Click here for a list of Frank Campbell Service Award recipients.

Cougar Club Hall of Fame – recognizes alumni who distinguished themselves as an outstanding athlete while at Averett and have shown commitment and success in their endeavors.

Fugate-Davis Women’s Leadership Award – recognizes strong women leaders in the tradition of Averett’s beginnings as a women’s college.

Click here for a list of Fugate-Davis Women’s Leadership Award recipients.

If you would like submit a nomination for one of these awards, click here to submit a nomination form.