Averett University: Value Propositions

These are points that demonstrate the brand’s value in comparison with competitors.

The value that Averett University brings can be summed up into one word: Access. Being a member of the Averett Family means you are granted an all-access pass, and we hold nothing back when it comes to supporting those who study here, those who work here, those who grow here.

Access at Averett means access to relationships – meaningful, purposeful connections with everyone around you. Like the bonds you’ll form with other members of the incredibly diverse student body, or connections you’ll make in the alumni network of more than 25,000 that spans the globe. Or like the rapport you’ll build with esteemed faculty poised to guide and elevate you as you step out into your career field, or the dedicated staff you’ll interact with who will support you every step of the way until you’ve crossed the stage at Commencement. Or even the unique access you’ll have to University administration, such as dinner in the President’s home in your freshman year, or phone calls and video chats with administrators, just to see how you’re doing in school and beyond. Averett is just the right size, allowing for these relationships to develop at every level of the institution.

Access at Averett means access to your future now, realizing your potential from the beginning. You don’t have to wait semester after semester to access your major – your time is now! Aeronautics majors fly in their first semester. Equestrian studies majors ride in their first week. Theatre majors star in major productions. Biology majors work alongside faculty on cutting-edge research. Student-athletes have the opportunity to compete at the varsity level. Adult students utilize what they learn in class the very next day at work.

Access at Averett means access to the community, to the region, and to the world. Community engagement is embedded into the Averett curriculum from the very first semester. With a major regional commitment to community engagement, experiential learning and career development, Averett is a thought leader in an engaged campus community and a trailblazer in service-learning, allowing students to gain real-world know-how interwoven into their academic experience throughout their college career and beyond. Many of our adult students and alumni are already leaders in their communities, generously serving populations and organizations.

All of this collective access ultimately results in student success and impactful experiences that will follow our graduates throughout their lifetimes.

Averett University: Brand Pillars

These are the claims and reasons to believe in a brand.

Transformative Engaging Cultivating
Accessible Volunteerism Empowering
Diverse Experiential Learning Supportive
Personal Leadership Development Enriching
High-Touch Partnerships Interdisciplinary

Averett University: Brand Positioning

The distinctive position that a brand adopts in its competitive environment to ensure it is differentiated and preferred.

For prospective students who want to transform their future now while engaging with the community around them, Averett is the right-sized University where they can cultivate meaningful and impactful relationships with access to support from across every level of the institution, truly becoming part of the Averett Family.