Financial Aid and Student Accounts

How will my financial aid be affected by being in online classes now?

Financial aid will not be affected by being enrolled in online classes.

How will requested financial aid documents be sent to me during this time?

Financial aid documents will be sent to your email address on your FAFSA, your Averett email address and your parent’s email address (if applicable).

How can I return requested financial aid documents during this time?

Financial aid documents can be scanned and emailed directly to your Financial Aid Counselor or the [email protected] email address that is listed on the financial aid documents. You can also fax them to 434-791-5647.

Will I still receive my Federal Work-Study wages while taking online classes? 

Federal Work-Study (FWS) students will still receive their wages based on hours they were scheduled to work.

Will my VA Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) be affected by moving courses online?

According to guidance received on March 12, 2020, all students will still receive the same housing allowance unless the VA decides to make an amendment to the guidance provided. If this happens, you will be notified directly by the VA concerning your housing stipend. If you need further clarification on how the VA would calculate the housing stipend if their guidance changes, you can contact the VA directly at 1-888-442-4551.

Will I still be paid the VA Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) on the same schedule?

The guidance given did not state that payment dates would change due to changes happening with COVID-19. Please watch your emails for information and updates from the VA to ensure that you receive the most updated information as it is given.

Will a refund be provided for room and meal plans?

Please refer to the Averett Alert page’s “Credits and Refunds” section.

How do I apply for a student account credit balance refund?

Traditional students have the option of submitting an eRefund Request Form via email. The form is available online here. Refunds are processed within two weeks of submitting your request form. If the student has elected to have their funds wired to them, then a confirmation email will be sent. If the student wishes to receive a check, then it will be mailed to them within the two-week period.

Any excess funds available to an Averett Online student above tuition will be sent to you by Student Accounts approximately 14 days after the loan funds have been disbursed to the school and as indicated on you Title IV Authorization Form on file.

How can a student receive a billing statement?

Once a statement is produced for a traditional student, it is posted to their PC Self-Service. An email is also sent to the student’s Averett email making them aware of the statement being sent. We can also produce individual statements for a student if needed.

Averett Online students may receive a statement upon request. Please send all requests to the email address [email protected].

What form of payment options does Averett accept?

A student/parent has several options of making a payment. Averett accepts online payments through the student’s PC Self-Service, or over the phone with a debit/credit card. We also accept mailed-in payments; please address tuition payments to the attention of Student Accounts