The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Today’s world is increasingly globalized, and Study Abroad can help you prepare for the realities of that globalization by exposing you to new cultures and perspectives from outside the United States. Other benefits include:

  • Earning credit towards graduation: Courses you take on a Study Abroad term fulfill general education requirements and can often count towards your major. Your financial aid and scholarships also apply to credit-bearing study abroad.
  • Experience of travel: To employers, graduates who have studied abroad are self-motivated, willing to embrace challenges, resourceful, and able to adapt to changing situations.
  • Second-language acquisition: Travel Immersion is an irreplaceable method of language acquisition and cannot be reproduced effectively in the classroom. Language classes can prepare you for, but not replace, immersion experiences. While studying abroad, you are surrounded by the language on a daily basis; you see and hear it in the proper cultural context.
  • Developing global citizenship: A Study Abroad experience can teach you independence, enhance your critical thinking, and broaden your perspective about the world—and about your own country.

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