Early Alerts

GPS/IDEAL Early Alert

Do you know of a GPS/IDEAL student who is struggling to be successful in one of his/her courses? Please submit and fill out this form so that we can reach out to the student to help them work through any of the issues that (s)he is facing. The information you provide on this form is vital and will help us assist our students as quickly and efficiently as possible. The form will be sent to the most appropriate person for intervention. Once it has been received, you will be contacted throughout the process with the appropriate information you need in order to make further decisions about your class. Communication is essential to all of our success!

For further help, please contact:
Chris Ellis, ’01
Director of GPS Student Services & Adjunct Faculty
Direct: 757-644-4712
Toll Free: 1-800-AVERETT I Ext. 17412
[email protected]

Traditional Early Alert/Care Report

The CARE team collects information and addresses observable behaviors such as unusual or erratic behavior, extended absences without explanation (missing one week of class), changes to typical behavior, comments or submitted assignments that contain concerning themes or language and basic needs insecurity.

Please fill out the early alert referral form below so we can assist the student in working through any barriers that may impede their success. The information you provide on this form is vital and will aid us in helping the student as quickly as possible.

Early Alert Form – CARE Report

For further help, please contact:
Joy E. Durham-Carthen
Director of Student Success, Galesi Student Success Center
[email protected]