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Health Services

Vaccine information:

Required to have immunization information or proof by titer:

  • Coronavirus, Covid 19 – 2 doses of Moderna or Pfizer, one dose of J&J
  •  MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  • Polio
  • Hepatitis B series
  • Tetanus-Diptheria (Td or Dtap) booster, must be within the last 10 years

Strongly recommended:

  • Meningococcal (Qaudrivalent A&B) or signed waiver
  •  Varicella
  • HPV (Human papillomavirus)
  •  Current year influenza

Health Services Clinic

Our Health Services Clinic is staffed by our Director of Health Services who is a Registered Nurse. She works in collaboration with a local physician who oversees clinic operations. He is able to see our students in his office to avoid the need for urgent care or the ER.

At this time our Health Services office functions as a walk in clinic, no appointments are needed for our students. Our hours of operation are posted outside of the clinic office. Some of the services that we can provide in the clinic are:

  • Minor wound/burn care
  • Ear lavage
  • Treatment of cold symptoms
  • BP checks
  • First aid for minor injuries including sprains/strains
  • Staple/suture removal
  • Allergy injections
  • Other prescribed injections with appropriate documentation/instruction
  • Treatment for stomach/GI distress
  • Treatment of constipation/diarrhea
  • Treatment for seasonal allergies
  • Rapid strep test
  • Rapid Mono test
  • Pregnancy test

Health Forms

To assist the University in providing appropriate care to our students, all students are required to submit a Health History Form upon admission and then an updated form at the start of every fall semester.

** There is a separate form for students participating in athletics, which requires a full physical from your physician**

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Health Services Staff

Tammi Devlin BSN, RN
Director of Health Services

Melissa M. Ireson
Administrative Assistant for Health Services