Master’s Degree Programs

Master’s degrees are graduate qualifications, designed for bachelor’s degree holders who require more advanced knowledge after several years in the workplace. Master’s programs build on concepts learned during bachelor’s degree programs, aiming to produce graduates who:

  • Have advanced decision-making and analytical skills
  • Understand higher-level, or highly-specialized, concepts in their field
  • Have professional-level communication and writing skills
  • Are capable of designing and carrying out research projects
  • Are prepared to lead or manage others in their field

Master’s degrees are rigorous programs, with heavy reading and research-based writing requirements. Many master’s degree programs include courses in statistics or other forms of quantitative analysis. Group work and presentations are also common.

Why Choose a Master’s Degree?

Opt for a master’s degree if you are an experienced college graduate who:

  • Wants advanced, up-to-date, or specialized knowledge in your field
  • Is preparing to pursue executive or managerial-level roles
  • Wants advanced quantitative analysis skills
  • Needs to formalize professional skills earned during your career

Master’s degrees do not require the time commitment of a bachelor’s degree, but they represent a considerable investment of energy. Choose your master’s degree program carefully to ensure the skills it teaches match your professional goals as much as possible.

Averett offers Master’s Degrees  in the following areas: