Telehealth Information

The Counseling Center is providing services to students who are new, as well as on-going clients, via telemental health. Students who are interested in our services can email [email protected] to learn about appointment options. Students do not need to be in vicinity of our campuses to receive telemental health services, however, they DO NEED TO BE IN VIRGINIA.

Tips for Successful Telehealth Appointments

  • Choose a confidential location, away from others who can see or hear you. Do not have a telehealth session in a public place.
  • Non-verbal communication is important for the counseling process! Seek an environment with good lighting where your clinician can see you well.
  • Eliminate or reduce distractions and plan for unplanned disruptions (e.g. a phone call, a pet, someone interrupts or walks in)
  • Identified a back-up method (i.e., the phone) for your appointment in the event your technology is faulty.
  • Ensure that your location matches the address given on the Telemental Health Informed Consent Form.