COVID-19 Information

Averett University has finalized our fall 2022 campus health and safety guidelines in respect to COVID-19.

Our teams continue to work hard to stay abreast of these matters and stay diligent in keeping our Averett Family safe. As we have stated throughout the ever-changing pandemic, our protocols may have to be adjusted in the future as the virus, and our tools to fight it, continue to evolve.

Vaccinations and Boosters

What we know:

The current vaccines and boosters available have proven to boost immunity and help prevent serious illness and hospitalization in individuals. They did a great job in helping protect our campus community during the earlier stages of the virus.

What we are seeing:

The current vaccines were developed to build immunity for the initial strains of COVID-19, and our collective past efforts were very effective, demonstrated by our ability to return to largely normal campus operations last spring.

However, the virus continues to mutate. While the current vaccinations continue to protect individuals from more severe outcomes, they are not providing the same protection against things like community spread, which was the driving force behind our previous vaccine requirements.

What we are doing: 

At this time, we no longer mandate, but strongly urge all on-campus students and employees to stay current with their COVID-19 immunizations. Please remember to submit an updated photo of your vaccination card via the LiveSafe app or to[email protected] so that the Office of Health Services can track vaccination percentages on our campuses.

Like the CDC, we continue to strongly recommend the initial vaccine series and keeping up-to-date on your vaccine with boosters. Although still protective for the individual, we recognize these current vaccines are less effective against the current Omicron variants in terms of community spread, so we are no longer requiring them at this time.

Face Coverings

Faculty members may still require face coverings in classrooms, and staff members may ask others to wear them in their office spaces. Face coverings may also be required for certain events. On-campus students, employees and visitors should be prepared to mask in these circumstances, if needed. Anyone desiring to wear a face covering outside of these areas are welcome to do so.

Quarantine and Isolation

On-campus students and employees testing positive will be required to isolate for seven days, returning to campus on day eight with no further testing. Exposed asymptomatic individuals, regardless of vaccination status, will not be required to quarantine at this time, however may be required to test five days after exposure or if symptomatic.

Anyone who tests positive or has been exposed should continue to contact the Office of Health Services at [email protected] or by calling 434-203-3781.

Thank you for your continued participation in ensuring a safe and thriving Averett campus.