COVID-19 Information

Averett University staff continue to work hard to stay abreast of COVID-19 matters and stay diligent in keeping our Averett Family safe. As we have seen, the virus that causes COVID-19 can mutate and cause new variants.  It is to be expected that we will see new variants emerge.  As we have stated throughout the ever-changing pandemic, changes or adjustments to our protocols may be necessary as science evolves.  We will continue to keep our Averett Family updated on changes.

What we know:

The current vaccines and boosters available in the United States have proven keep individuals from becoming seriously ill, decreased hospitalizations and mortality.  Vaccinations work best when you stay up-to-date with the primary series and any recommended boosters.

What we are doing: 

At this time, we no longer mandate, but strongly urge following CDC guidelines on vaccination/booster requirements.  Recommendations are based on (1) your age, (2) vaccine you received first and (3) length of time from last dose.  You can stay current on vaccination requirement by following the guidelines posted on the CDC website.

  • Testing: At this time, we are able to offer free rapid antigen testing for students presenting to the clinic with COVID related symptoms. At-home test are provided free of charge and are located outside of Health Services Clinic, while supplies last.  If you test positive, follow guidelines for testing positive and contact Health Services ([email protected] or 434-710-1006).
  • Face Coverings: While face coverings are not mandatory, faculty/staff members may still require face coverings in classrooms or office spaces. Face coverings may also be required for certain events. Students, employees and visitors should be prepared to mask in these circumstances, if needed. Anyone desiring to wear a face covering outside of these areas are welcome to do so.

What should you do if you test positive? 

  • Students testing positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate for five days, returning to campus life on day six with strict masking around others through day 10. (Based on recommended CDC guidelines).
    • Residential students will no longer have to return home to isolate; they will isolate on campus in their residence hall rooms but will not be permitted to attend in-person classes, events, practices or games.
    • Residential students will be required to mask when using the bathroom facilities and when in their room with their roommate unless sleeping.
    • Students are required to mask when picking up meals from Cougar Den but are not allowed to eat in the Cougar Den during isolation period.
  • Students will not be permitted to return to in-person classes, events, practices or games until they are fever-free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications, even if their isolation period is over.
  • Any student/faculty/staff that has a confirmed positive case, should notify Health Services; this includes testing outside of AU Health Services Clinic.
  • Please complete all questions on this COVID Questionnaire form. Once the form has been complete, you will receive notification from Health Services of your isolation start date, isolation end date, return to class/activity/campus date and masking through date.
  • You may use this information for any faculty that request documentation for absence from class.
  • If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please contact Health Services at [email protected] or by calling 434-710-1006.