Averett University
Department of Financial Services

Every year, we award more than $20 million in financial aid and scholarships to 99% of our students. Our scholarship package lowers the cost of attendance by an average of 50%. Fill out your FAFSA to get started.

We’ll help you and your family understand your options and the financial aid process. We work hard to create a financial aid package for you that combines scholarships, grants, and self-help aid, including loans and work-study. We can help you with:

  • Completing your FAFSA application
  • Accessing military financial aid benefits
  • Exploring scholarship options
  • Finding campus employment
  • Calculating the cost of your tuition

We also provide specialized services for transfer students and evaluate the resources of international students. (Please note that students from outside the U.S. are not eligible for federal financial aid.)

Our Services

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