Residency Requirement Policy and Procedures

Averett University is dedicated to fostering a dynamic residential community and recognizes the educational benefits of residing in such an environment. Consequently, we operate as a residential university, mandating that traditional undergraduate students live on campus for the initial three years (6 semesters) of enrollment.

The residency requirement may be waived under specific circumstances outlined below. Students seeking an exemption from the University’s residency mandate must submit a Housing Waiver Request Form to the Department of Housing and Residence Life. If a spring waiver is approved, it will take precedence over the Housing and Meal Plan Contract signed in the fall.


  1. Students commuting from a parent/guardian’s home within 30 miles of Danville Main Campus must provide acceptable IDs (Virginia Voter Registration card, Driver’s License, and State Identification Card). A tax-related document from the parent is also required.
  2. Students aged 23:
    • Must turn 23 by October 1 for fall semester exemption.
    • Must be 23 by February 1 for spring semester exemption.
  3. Married and/or parenting students.
  4. Returning international students who lived on campus for one full year (2 semesters) are eligible for the subsequent spring semester if they enroll in the spring.
  5. Students with proof of independent status through financial aid/student accounts who lived on campus for one full year (2 semesters).
  6. Approved Off-Campus Lottery Allocation: A limited number of eligible students will be authorized to reside off-campus.

Off-Campus Housing Waiver Dates:

For the fall semester, the deadline is July 1st, and for the spring semester, it is December 1st. Transfer, readmit, and new incoming students who believe they qualify for exceptions to the residency requirement should consult their Admissions Counselor. Late applications from students will be rejected, and there will be no opportunity for appeal until the subsequent semester.

Housing Waiver Request Process:

The application process may seem complex, but with this brief guide, you can navigate it smoothly!

Students will receive notifications from the office, indicating approval, denial, or requests for additional documentation. Regularly check email accounts for updates, as official notifications often include further instructions for students.

Kindly be aware that the Off-Campus Housing Request procedure may require 7 business days, excluding the Appeal Process. Students seeking to expedite the process, having met one or more of the Residency Requirement Exceptions and secured housing (e.g., signed a lease, etc.), should contact us at the earliest convenience.