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Frequently Asked Questions from Faculty

What is the mission of the Writing Center?

The Writing Center seeks to serve all Averett University students in their growth and development as writers and thinkers. Through one-on-one peer consultations and workshops, the Writing Center provides students with the interactive support and encouragement they need to become confident, independent writers, researchers, and communicators. The Writing Center is strategically designed to uphold and support Averett University’s commitment to its students. By fostering strong writing and communication skills, the Writing Center helps prepare our students for success in their future careers.

How do I refer a student to the Writing Center?

Simply email [email protected] or call 434-791-5788. We will be happy to contact the student and arrange an appointment. Students may also make appointments independently by visiting

Can I arrange to have the Writing Center staff do workshops or presentations in my class?

Yes. We will be happy to help develop workshops / presentations or address your classes about the services provided in the Writing Center. Email or call the Writing Center if you would like to pursue this option.

Where can I find information to include on my syllabus?

At the beginning of each semester, an email will be sent to faculty with the latest Writing Center information. You may also cut and paste the information below into your syllabus.

The Writing Center at Averett University provides writing support to all students. The Writing Center assists students with all stages of the writing process through one-on-one writing consultations. During a writing consultation you might:

  • develop ideas and organize your thoughts about a writing task
  • learn proper formatting and how to present ideas effectively
  • explore strategies for proofreading, editing, and reading your writing critically
  • receive feedback to help work through challenging aspects of a paper
  • navigate how to properly cite research and prevent plagiarism
  • review rules for grammar/mechanics
  • practice for an oral presentation

To schedule an appointment, please email the Writing Center ([email protected]), call (434-791-5788) or stop by the Student Success Center, Room 114. Additionally, appointments can be scheduled online by visiting

Drop-in hours are also available Monday-Friday. Please check with the Writing Center staff for a list of the current Drop-in hours.

Please note: We are not a proofreading service. We cannot fix your papers. We can, however, assist you in discovering how to be a better proofreader.

Location: The Galesi Family Student Success Center Room 114
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 434-791-5788
On Campus: 15788
Office Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm Monday – Friday

How can I encourage my students to use the Writing Center?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Include a description of the Writing Center on your syllabus.
  • Bring your class to the Writing Center for a quick tour. Email or call the Writing Center to arrange a tour.
  • Tell students you are impressed when you receive a note from the Writing Center showing that they were motivated and conscientious enough to attend a writing consultation.
  • Get students who have visited the Writing Center to tell others in the class about their experience.
  • Talk to your students about your own writing process and the value of having a trusted reader who gives you honest, constructive feedback. It is good for students to know that even experienced writers need consultations.

Will I know if one of my students visits the Writing Center?

Yes. If you refer a student to the Writing Center, we will report the student’s usage to you. Also, each week the Office of Student Success will send a detailed report of student usage for Academic Support and the Writing Center via email to all faculty members.]

After students visit the Writing Center, their papers still have problems. Why is that?

The answer to this question is multifaceted. We cannot add content or fix a student’s paper. We can only offer suggestions, and it is up to the student to improve their assignments. Papers may still have errors, but the writer will hopefully be better prepared for future assignments. Our objective in each writing consultation is to help writers feel ready and able to tackle the next step, or the next few steps, in writing or revising. If you have concerns or questions about a particular session, please contact the Coordinator of Academic Support.