Policies and Procedures

Enrollment Verification

A student must be currently enrolled at Averett University for an enrollment verification to be completed. Verifications are completed after the initial add/drop period each term (which is approximately two weeks after the first day of classes).

Loan Deferment

Loan deferment forms must be obtained by the student from his or her lending institution and forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. Please specify which term the deferment is for. The student is required to sign, date and complete certain information on the form. To ensure quick processing, please make sure all the necessary information is completed before submitting the form to the Registrar’s Office. Processing takes two to three working days. However, service may be slower during rush periods.

Veteran Benefits

Current programs and courses of study at Averett University have been approved by the Virginia Department of Education for the payment of veteran’s benefits. For more information or to obtain forms please call 1-800-Averett, extension 15600.

Application for Graduation

The Application for Graduation form must be submitted by the deadline in the term in which the student wishes to graduate. Once the application has been submitted, a degree audit will be performed. The student will be notified through Averett email of any requirements that must be met prior to graduation.

Graduation Applications

Degree Completion Statements

If a student has completed all requirements for a degree and is awaiting commencement, the student may request that a degree completion statement be added to his/her transcript or a letter sent. The degree completion statement verifies the date that all requirements for a degree were satisfied. The Degree Conferred Statement verifies the date the degree was actually awarded and is not released until after commencement exercises.

Commencement Exercises

Averett University holds one formal graduation exercise each year at the E. Stuart James Grant Center in Danville. Commencement is held at the completion of the spring term each year. Students who have met all the requirements for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and have met all the financial obligations may participate in commencement ceremonies.