Averett Dining

Bon Appétit Management Company brings restaurant-quality dining to Averett University and the surrounding community – the kind of atmosphere you would go out of your way to experience.

FAQs for Averett University Dining

So basically, how is dining going to work?

At the main café, you’ll enter from either the Student Center Parking lot or second floor and then proceed to the café entrance where you can show the cashier your daily health screening results, have your card swiped, peruse the menu and then choose a line to stand in (six feet apart, please!) — such as grill, pizza or market. Each line will have the same offering and enough options, including side dishes, to make a complete meal.

We are setting up the stations in the cafés for speed, with many popular items prepackaged, to reduce the number of decisions being made when ordering, and therefore reduce everyone’s time in line and thus crowding.

What’s the deal with masks and seating?

We’ll be wearing masks while serving you. Averett is requiring students to face coverings in lines and while walking around in the café and to remove them only while eating. We are only offering takeout containers to encourage people to dine outside the café.

For those who choose to eat in, seating has been reduced by about 65%. Also, additional seating areas have been created under the second floor stairs and in Daly Game room. Please do not rearrange or remove furniture.

What’s happening with the self-serve salad bar, deli bar, condiment station, soda station, etc.?

We’re happy to serve you! Most self-service items are being reconfigured to be served by our staff.

  • Salad / Deli bar: The main café will offer ready-to-go entrée salads, side green salads, ready-to-go sandwiches and weekly specials for composed salads deluxe sandwiches.
  • Condiments: Ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, soy sauce etc. are in packets or a small cup and will available at each service station.
  • Silverware: Individually wrapped plastic to-go silverware will be provided at each meal.
  • Other Stations: Soda fountains, milk, coffee, cereal and soft-serve will remain self service for the time being. Sorry, no outside containers will be allowed and we will not be able to offer hand dip ice cream, self-serve waffles or omelet bars.

Can I still get Made Without Gluten-Containing Ingredients meals? Where have the packaged gluten-free items gone?

MWGCI and gluten-free items will be available in each café, either as an already featured menu item or by request from behind the appropriate station. The deli will have GF bread options available.

I am vegan/vegetarian; where do I look for items?

We will have vegan and vegetarian options available throughout the cafés, always incorporating these into our regular menus for all stations.

I’m a student-athlete; how will you accommodate my need for a high-calorie diet?

We are not planning to limit the quantity of food that any one student takes at one time, but are asking that you only request the amount of food you can eat at one sitting.

So … what’s going to be available where and when?

View all our cafés’ current hours of operation and menus at

  • At the Main Café you will find:
    • The café is now cashless and only student IDs will be accepted in an attempt to speed up service. Students living off campus who wish to use the café should consider purchasing a meal plan.
    • Pre-made, ready-to-grab entrée salads and sandwiches will be available from salad/deli bar stations.
    • Our café will feature 3-4 service points utilizing the pizza, grill and market stations that will feature the same options at each.
    • Pizza as a menu item will become a feature item that is rotated into the menu each week.
    • Desserts, pastries, yogurt and fruit will be pre-packaged and available from the deli station.
    • Soda fountains, cold cereal, milk, juice and soft-serve ice cream will continue to be self-serve. We will not be able to offer ice cream cones due to their cross-contact nature but are looking into a solution.
    • Time-consuming Made-to-Order items like waffles and omelet bars will not be offered until pandemic restrictions are lifted.
  • Jut’s Café:
    • We will continue to offer snack items and beverages.
    • We will continue to have our We Proudly Brew Starbucks and featured coffee beverages.
    • Jut’s will continue to offer a selection of packaged salads and sandwiches available for purchase or meal swipe.

What other COVID-19 safety measures are Bon Appétit dining staff taking?

  • All dining employees will wear masks and gloves at all times.
  • All staff are going through COVID-19-specific training designed by sanitation experts and updated regularly as new issues emerge. Topics covered include proper disinfection, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), physical distancing protocols and more, and are integrated with food safety and sanitation protocols.
    • Team members wear “I’m Trained” buttons to let you know they’re up-to-date on all safety measures.
    • A café attendant will be designated for each meal period to remind guests to maintain physical distancing and to ensure cleaning/disinfection protocols and schedules.
  • Amped-up cleaning and sanitation schedules with clearly detailed procedures that meet or exceed all local guidelines and national best practices. This includes frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces, including wiping down tables and seats between guests, disinfecting all highly touched areas such as equipment buttons and door handles every 30 minutes.
  • Pre-shift wellness screenings for employees in alignment with local regulations, which include no-contact temperature scans and daily interview questions.
  • Decision tree and step-by-step action plan for unit managers who have employees who are sick or who may have had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. (Bon Appétit offers paid sick leave to all employees.)

I have a question you didn’t answer! Who can I ask?

The Dining Hall

Whether you call it the Dining Hall or the Café; the main dining location on campus features an all you care to eat meal in a buffet style setting.  Featuring freshly prepared meals for breakfasts, lunch and dinner Monday – Friday and brunch and dinner on the weekends.

Dining Hall hours and Daily Menu Offerings


Averett’s Dining Hall is located on the third floor of the Student Center. Enter from the Townes Street parking lot or the ground floor on Woodland Drive. Parking is available on the street, in the lots on Woodland Drive, and limited parking (including handicap access) is available in the Townes Street lot. Campus Map


Breakfast:  $8.50 +tax
Lunch/Brunch: $9.30 +tax
Dinner: $10.60 +tax
Children(6-12): $5.14 +tax

Student Meal Plan Options
Faculty & Staff Meal Plan Options

What You Can Expect

Fresh Grille: Enjoy the ultimate hamburger and rotisserie-cooked meat and poultry — plus daily features such as specialty sausages, turkey burgers, grilled turkey and provolone on home-baked focaccia and grilled roast beef and cheddar on sourdough.

Averett Market: A hearty meal is always available. Savor delicious daily specials like BBQ ribs with candied yams, baked chicken and mashed potatoes, fajitas with Spanish rice and more.

Cucina Verde (vegetarian fare & salads): Much more than just beans, rice and tofu, Cucina Verde selections are as varied as the world’s culture. Tasty selections include mushroom enchilada with ancho chili cream, falafel with tahini sauce and Caribbean stew over rice.

Fresh Produce: Features fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables (many purchased from local farmers) made from scratch specialty salads and dressings, in-house baked croutons and more.

Campus Deli: Authentic deli-style sandwiches are a mainstay, offering a variety of meats, cheeses, spreads and in-house-baked rolls.

Stockpot: Homemade soups made daily, a campus favorite.

Jut’s Café and C-Store

Jut’s Café features a full-service coffee bar with a small retail convenience store. We proudly brew Starbucks coffee and offer a selection of their drinks at the coffee bar. The C-Store at Jut’s Café offers students a small convenience store right on the AU Campus. Located on the lower level of the Student Center, students can find an assortment of toiletries along with variety of beverages, grab and go sandwiches, salads, and food other items in a retail setting, perfect for a quick grab while running between classes.

Jut’s Bucks are included with every student meal plan and can be used same as cash in Jut’s Café and C-Store. Jut’s Bucks that go unused at the end of the fall semester will roll over into the spring semester; but any unused Jut’s Bucks at the end of the spring semester become forfeit.

Jut’s Café Hours