All degree-seeking undergraduate students currently enrolled in traditional programs at Averett will pre-register for classes online with PC Self-Service.

Prior to the pre-registration period, all students will meet with their advisors to discuss their continued course of study and to select courses for the next term(s). At that time, the advisor will “authorize” PC Self-Service pre-registration.

Students will then pre-register online according to the following schedule:

1. 90+ credits: 7:00 am October 23 and 24
2. 60-89 credits: 7:00 am October 25 and 26
3. 30-59 credits: 7:00 am October 27 and 28
4. 00-29 credits: 7:00 am October 29 and 30

Each registration group is based on credits earned prior to the current semester. If students miss their registration window above, they may still register on-line beginning October 31. Students may add classes after this time but should be advised that there is a $50 late fee that will be charged (see policy below).

Late Registration Fee Policy

To help Averett students maximize their course opportunities and to make the registration process smoother for everyone involved, Averett has a late registration fee policy. The policy applies to all full-time, continuing degree-seeking students. The details are as follows:

Returning students registering for Spring 2024 courses are required to have their course registrations approved by their academic advisor by November 29. If students are not registered by this time, they will be charged a late registration fee of $50, which will be added to their next tuition payment statement.

Please note: the policy does not apply to students who are returning from a leave of absence or students who are starting their first semester at Averett.

If a “stop” message appears on PC Self-Service during pre-registration, a message will direct the student to the particular office where the “stop” may be removed. 

If students have questions regarding a hold on their account, they may reach out to Averett Central in person (Main Hall, first floor) or by phone or email at 434-791-5600 or [email protected].


  1. Be sure prerequisites for courses are completed (see course descriptions by clicking magnifying glass next to course number in PC Self-Service).  Watch especially for acceptance to teacher education, get a C or better in BIO 101 to take 204/205.
  2. If a course is cross-listed in two departments, is the student registered for the correct prefix?
  3. Will the schedule move student toward graduation in a timely manner?
  4. Schedule may NOT include more than two PE activity courses.
  5. Is it a full-time schedule?
  6. If a student is registering for more than eighteen hours:
    • There is an extra fee
    • Complete the permission for more than eighteen hours form and return to the Registrar’s Office.
  7. Requests for independent study must be approved by the student’s academic advisor. (There is an extra fee.) Student must complete I.S. form with their advisor.
  8. If an advisor agrees, a student may contact the instructor of a closed class for permission to the take the course. The student must have the instructor of the closed class sign the form giving permission and return it to the Registrar’s Office.