Averett University procedure for Student Housing evacuation, in case of fire.

Commonwealth of Virginia law states that you must evacuate the building in which alarm sounds.

In the event of a fire, it is the policy of Averett University that all occupants (faculty, staff and students, etc.) will evacuate by the nearest exit, closing doors and activating the fire alarm (if alarm has not already sounded). Once safely outside, a building, it is appropriate to contact 911 and the Averett Security. All occupants (Students, staff and faculty, etc.) are informed where to relocate to by staff if the circumstances warrants at the time of the alarm.

In the event of a fire alarm, all occupants (faculty, staff and students, etc.) are to evacuate the building, closing doors as they leave. No training is provided to students or employees in firefighting or suppression activity as this is inherently dangerous and each community member’s only duty is to exit safely and quickly, shutting doors along the exit path as they go to contain the spread of flames and smoke, and to activate the alarm as they exit (if the alarm hasn’t already been activated). At no time should the closing of doors or activation of the alarm delay the exit from the building.