Fall 2021 Traditional Academic Calendar

DateDay of Week Academic
Fall 2021
08-06-21FridayNew Faculty/Staff Orientation
08-09-21MondayFaculty/Staff Opening of the year
08-10-21TuesdayFaculty Workshops/Opening Faculty Meeting
08-17-21TuesdayOpening Convocation
08-18-21WednesdayClasses Begin (FALL Term Starts: Sessions 1 &4)
08-25-21WednesdayLast Day Add, Drop, Declare P/F; Census Day
09-06-21MondayLabor Day, UNIVERSITY CLOSED
09-17-21FridayLast Day to Withdraw "W"
09-20-21MondayEarly Assessment Reports
09-23-21ThursdaySenior Pinning (Traditional students)Senior Pinning
09-24-21FridayText book Orders Due
10-07-21ThursdayFall Break (Trad)No Trad Classes, University Open
10-08-21FridayFall Break (Trad)No Trad Classes, University Open
10-11-21MondayTrad Classes Resume/Trad Mid-term grades due
10-12-21TuesdaySession 1 ends
10-13-21WednesdaySession 2 begins
10-21-21ThursdayAdvising Day, No Trad Classes, University OpenAdvising Day, No Trad Classes
10-25-21MondayPre-Registration Begins
11-03-21WednesdayLast Day to Apply for Graduation w/o late fee
11-23-21TuesdayResidence Halls Close
11-24-21WednesdayThanksgiving Break (Trad) No Classes, University Open Thanksgiving Break, No Trad Classes
11-25-21ThursdayThanksgiving Break, University ClosedThanksgiving Break, No Trad Classes
11-26-21FridayThanksgiving Break, University ClosedThanksgiving Break, No Trad Classes
11-29-21MondayClasses Resume
11-30-21TuesdayLast day to Withdraw "WP/WF Last day of classes
12-01-21WednesdayReading Day (Trad), University OpenTrad Reading Day, University Open
12-02-21ThursdayExams (Trad)
12-03-21FridayExams (Trad)
12-06-21MondayExams (Trad)
12-07-21TuesdayExams (Trad) Online fall grades due
12-08-21WednesdayMake up Exams (Trad)
Senior/Graduating students Grades Due by 3 p.m.
Term Ends (Sessions 1 & 4)
Exams/Residence Halls Close (Winter Break)
12-10-21FridayGraduation Rehearsal
Graduation Celebration TBD
12-14-21TuesdayFall Grades Due 9 a.m.
12-15-21WednesdayOnline Academic Standing Meeting
12-16-21ThursdayTrad Academic Standing Meeting