A Perfect Score – Averett Nursing Students Achieve 100% NCLEX Pass Rate

Posted on September 1st, 2023 by Jahna Waters

Passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a goal every aspiring nurse sets out to achieve. This exam serves as a pivotal point for nursing graduates, testing their abilities to provide safe and effective patient care. Among the institutions that prepare nursing students for this challenge, Averett University stands out with an exceptional achievement: a 100% NCLEX pass rate in both its Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) program and Accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing (ABSN) program. 

What is the NCLEX? 

You may be wondering – what is the NCLEX? The NCLEX is an examination designed to evaluate a nurse’s preparedness to practice safely and competently. It is a practice-based test to evaluate a student’s ability to apply their nursing education in practical, real-world situations, and their ability to make accurate judgments in patient care.  

Nursing Greatly at Averett University 

Averett University has consistently demonstrated its commitment to producing highly competent nurses. All testing methods and content are focused around driving students’ success on the NCLEX and providing evidence-based patient care.  

“We start preparing students to pass the NCLEX as soon as they start,” said Dean, School of Nursing and Associate Professor Dr. Teresa Beach.  

With a reputation for academic excellence, Averett has not only prepared nursing students to lead and excel in their profession but has also celebrated a perfect NCLEX pass rate in both the traditional BSN and ABSN programs. Averett’s Master of Science in nursing (MSN) graduates also achieved a 100% Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Certification Exam Pass Rate this year.  

BSN Program: Building Strong Foundations 

Averett University’s BSN program offers a complete education that prepares students with the essential knowledge and skills to provide patient-focused care. The program combines concept application with practical clinical experiences to ensure graduates are fully equipped to meet health care demands. The outstanding 100% NCLEX pass rate achieved by Averett’s BSN and ABSN graduates is a testament to the University’s commitment to creating a culture of academic excellence and empowering students to succeed.  

For more information about our BSN program, contact us at (434) 791-5600 or 1-800-AVERETT, or request information here to learn how Averett can help you enter the field of nursing. 

ABSN Program: Intensive Path to Nursing 

Averett’s ABSN program offers a rigorous and concentrated curriculum. This online program with in-person components is designed for individuals who hold a non-nursing bachelor’s degree and are eager to transition into the nursing field. The ABSN program at Averett, based in Norfolk, Virginia, not only streamlines the education process, but also maintains the institution’s unwavering commitment to producing top-tier nursing professionals, as demonstrated by the 100% NCLEX pass rate achieved by BSN and ABSN graduates.  

For more information about our ABSN program, contact us at (866) 483-8705 or complete an online form to have an admissions counselor contact you.