Averett CoffeeBreak 11-25-2020

Posted on November 25th, 2020 by Matt Bell

CoffeeBreak is an e-newsletter distributed to Averett faculty and staff to keep them up-to-date on campus activities and information. Please send information you would like included in CoffeeBreak via this form. For the next CoffeeBreak, please submit by Monday, Nov. 30, for a Wednesday, Dec. 2, publication.

An Update on Commencement

Due to the Governor of Virginia’s recent order limiting all indoor and outdoor gatherings to no more than 25 people, Averett University will not be able to hold Commencement in the way we have been planning. However, we are committed to reinventing this experience and making this milestone as meaningful and memorable as possible.

We have developed a two-pronged approach that includes an in-person opportunity and a virtual component. First, we will livestream a virtual commencement ceremony full of the many graduation traditions on Friday, Dec. 11, at 7 p.m. at AverettCougars.com/live. Then, on Saturday, Dec. 12, we are excited to invite graduates to come to the Averett University E. Stuart James Grant North Campus for an individualized, in-person commencement experience with up to four guests in attendance. The full details can be found here, and this event will also be livestreamed at AverettCougars.com/live2.

Student Book Rental Returns

Students have the following options for returning rental books. They are due back to the campus store by December 14! Here are the options:

  • Bring them in-person to the campus store.
  • Ship them back to the store by purchasing a label from the store for $7.50.
  • Ship them using the shipping carrier of your choice.

Health and Safety Reminders

Help keep our campus community safe! Don’t forget to wear your face coverings and to complete a quick health self-check each day before reporting for in-person work. This process can now be completed using your LiveSafe app!

Also, check out our COVID-19 Alert webpage to access our dashboard that tracks the latest campus information related to COVID-19. It will be updated every business day, and it reflects student and employee information.

Finally, for questions on any COVID-19 matters join Kathie Tune for a question and answer virtual meeting each Thursday from 10-11:30 a.m. Click here to join the Campus Q&A Zoom Meeting. If you would like to dial in by using your phone, please email averettcentral@Averett.edu from your Averett assigned email account and the password for access will be sent directly to your Averett email address within 24 hours.

Athletics Position Updates

In September, Brenda Taylor and Coach Danny Miller were recognized for taking on additional roles and responsibilities. It has since been finalized that Taylor is now the assistant director of athletics and will remain the senior woman administrator. Coach Miller is now deputy director of athletics and maintains his position of senior compliance administrator. We thank and congratulate them for their continued service and contributions.

Vice President for Philanthropy Search Update

As you know, we brought four strong candidates for comprehensive on-campus visits. We were excited to extend an offer to one of the finalists and for our offer to be enthusiastically accepted; however, due to unforeseen circumstances, the individual was ultimately unable to make it work at this time.

We are working closely with our partners at Capital Development to continue the search process and will update the campus as we progress. Most importantly, we will continue the search until the best person for the position is found.

We received such positive feedback from each of the candidates about Averett and its committed people, and we’d like to thank all of you who have been helping with this important process, for participating in our campus interview sessions and for providing feedback about each of the candidates. Your continued participation will be valuable to the process!

With appreciation,

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Dear Colleagues,

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we know extra time is a blessing and invite everyone to begin their holiday starting at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 25.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you give to Averett.

Wishing you and yours a bountiful Thanksgiving, and a healthy and happy holiday season ahead.




Tuition Remission Applications

If you are planning to enroll for spring classes under the tuition remission benefit, make sure to have your application for tuition remission approval by the add/drop date of Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021.

Contact Kathie Tune, HR director, at ktune@averett.edu for questions concerning the tuition benefit approval process.


VTAG Campaign

It’s that time of year again for the annual VTAG campaign, and it’s obviously going to look a bit different this year. Since we can’t do an in-person campaign in the dining hall, we will have to rely on email campaigns, word of mouth, social media and other means to get our students excited for advocacy and to make our voices heard. As in the past, we are asking for increased support of the VTAG award, but we are running into budget challenges due to COVID-19. This year it’s important that our students and our voices are heard in the midst of everything else happening.

Our role as staff and faculty is equally important in the advocacy campaign. I’m asking for you as staff or alumni to please submit your letter to your elected officials as soon as you can. I’m including my letter and the link to send for your convenience. Please let me know if you have any questions about your letter. Carl’s team will be sending out letters to all of the parents and students in the system, but as always we will need to supplement their efforts.

Thank you all for your help and support of our students here at Averett.

Matthew Mann
Associate Director of Admissions

Tuition Exchange Programs

Remember to consider the tuition exchange programs when researching colleges and universities for your personal professional development or for your dependents.

Averett University holds membership in the Tuition Exchange and the Tuition Exchange Program for benefits-eligible University employees and their dependents.

Contact Kathie Tune, HR director, at ktune@averett.edu for additional information or to schedule an appointment to review the opportunities available for Tuition Exchange members.

Let’s Change the National Average Together

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*Statistics from Abound College