What First-Years and Sophomores Should Know about the CCECC? 

Posted on July 19th, 2023 by Jahna Waters

In today’s competitive job market, having a well-crafted resume, professional headshots and access to job opportunities in your area are essential for success. At Averett University, we understand the importance of lifelong learning and workplace experience right from day one. That’s why at the Center for Community Engagement and Career Competitiveness (CCECC), we create opportunities through our comprehensive career development programs designed to empower our students in their professional journeys from their first day. 

Building a Solid Foundation  

Our career development modules offer invaluable resources to help students develop their resumes and learn essential formatting techniques. As a first-year student, taking Averett 110 is mandatory. This course involves developing one’s resume, crafting a cover letter and completing a service-learning project. These are more than just assignments – the students will edit their resumes and cover letters during their four years at Averett to use for job and internship applications while in school. Additionally, we guide them in utilizing the Handshake platform—a powerful tool connecting them with various job opportunities. These are initiated within the first year, ensuring students are well-prepared to navigate the competitive job market. 

Exploring Real-World Experiences 

As students progress into their sophomore year, we offer job shadowing placements tailored to specific majors. This hands-on experience allows them to explore their chosen field and gain insights from professionals already established in the industry. By engaging in real-world scenarios, students gain valuable knowledge and skills that shape their career trajectory. 

Professional Development Guide 

To provide a comprehensive resource, we have developed a professional development guide spanning from the first year to the senior year. This guide includes resume samples, cover letter samples and advice on professional attire. We are also sharing this guide with the wider Averett University community online, fostering a culture of career readiness throughout our institution. 

The CCECC Team 

The CCECC team leads workshops across our different campuses to learn a wide range of career-related topics. Additionally, they facilitate mock job interview sessions, preparing students to confidently navigate the hiring process. There is even a room specifically designed for Zoom meetings with potential employers to serve as a space to expand students’ job search options and allow for remote connections, ultimately increasing their exposure to new opportunities. Tia Yancey, Director of Volunteerism and April Love-Loveless, Director of the Bonner Leader Program, are members of the CCECC team who work to serve Averett students in career development.