Music Degree Program

Students who wish to major in Music must meet the Bachelor of Arts general requirements for first-time freshmen or transfer students. They must also take part in an audition to determine their level of experience. After admission to the University, students can coordinate with Music Department faculty for an audition.

Piano and Organ

The audition should include:

  • Major scales and arpeggios in all keys
  • Performance of literature at least comparable to Clementi’s Sonatinas and Bach’s Two-Part Inventions

Voice Students

The audition should include:

  • A piece comparable to the repertoire found in 24 Italian Songs and Arias or a “classic” musical theatre piece (pre-1960 or comparable to operetta arias) 

Instrumental Students (guitar, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings)

The audition should include:

  • Major scales in all keys
  • A piece that demonstrates technical as well as expressive skills on the instrument. 

Click here to read an overview of admissions requirements for undergraduates. Click here for more details about the curriculum of the Music major program. 

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