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Cover Letter Templates:
Template (1)
Template (2)

Reference Templates:
Template (1)

Résumé Templates:
Template (1)
Template (2)
Template (3)
Template (4)
Template (5)

Résumé Template Tips

  • The format of your résumé depends greatly on the length and overall look you are trying to achieve. If your résumé is a little short (or a little long), choose a format that will take up as much (or as little) space as possible. If your résumé is two pages, choose a format that won’t break up your sections.
  • Don’t go to extremes when formatting. It becomes obvious at a certain point. Try using a few different formats and have people vote on their favorite.
  • Don’t feel locked into one template. Mix and match the formats, but remain consistent throughout your résumé.