Minor in African and African American Studies

The minor in African and African American Studies is a multidisciplinary program housed in the department of Language, Literature, and Culture that explores the cultures, contributions, and challenges of people of African descent around the world. This field of study seeks to develop greater respect for scholarship as a tool for problem-solving and provide students with a path towards gaining a deeper appreciation of racial and cultural differences in the United States and the wider world. In keeping with the university’s mission, recipients of a minor in African and African American Studies would be well-informed and empowered to enact positive change in the areas of social justice, equality, and improved race relations.


To obtain an AFAM minor, students must successfully complete 18 credit hours that meet the content-specific nature of the program. The minor consists of one core class and five electives cross-listed in departments such as Art, Business, Music, Communications, Modern Language, History, and Women’s and Gender Studies. Sample courses include:

  • African American Literature (core class)
  • African American Cinema
  • Caribbean Literature and Culture
  • Francophone Writers
  • American Minorities (Sociology)
  • Content Area Literacy for Diverse Populations (Education)
  • Ibsen and Wilson (Theater)
  • Music and Literature of the Harlem Renaissance

For full details of the requirements for the minor in AFAM, please contact the Program Director.