Minor in Spanish

The Spanish program is housed in the department of Language, Literature, and Culture and is perfect for students who feel their career path would benefit from an ability to communicate in Spanish and a cultural understanding of Spanish-speaking societies. We offer a proficiency-based program that builds the speaking, listening, and writing skills necessary for success in fields such as:

  • Journalism
  • International Business
  • Government Organizations
  • Primary and Secondary Education

Students pursuing PK-6 teaching licensure can choose this minor as one of their two required concentration areas.

Prior to beginning the minor in Spanish, you will need to take our online placement examination. 

Courses in the Spanish Minor

The Spanish minor offers you the opportunity to develop conversational skills in Spanish, along with writing skills and an appreciation of Spanish literature. Courses include:

  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Conversation and Listening
  • Advanced Writing and Grammar
  • Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • Culture and Civilization: Spain or Culture and Civilization: Latin America

Please note: we assume that applicants to the Spanish minor program have already taken courses at the high school level. Total beginners may apply for this program, but will need to work closely with faculty to ensure success.

Study Abroad in Spanish!

For full details of the requirements for the minor in Spanish, please see our course catalog.

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