History & Political Science Degree Programs

Meet Our History and Political Science Faculty

The study of history is a key to understanding—and functioning within—politics, law, education, and even business. Averett University’s Department of History offers bachelor’s degree programs designed to offer students the opportunity to develop knowledge of American and European history. Our courses emphasize the applicability of historical trends to today’s world, including history’s impact on current culture, policy, and law.

Students within the History major can pursue the following concentrations:

  • History
  • History and Social Science with Teacher Certification
  • English and History: Pre-Law
  • History and Politics

Emphasis is placed throughout all programs on the development of the student’s research skills, critical analysis capabilities, and writing style. Graduates should be prepared for a range of career paths in government, education, public-sector organizations, historical societies, and more. Because graduate study is important to advancement in the field of professional history, our bachelor’s degree programs also lay the foundation for continuation to a Master’s program in History or Political Science.

Courses in the History Degree Program

All students pursuing a major related to History take the following core courses:

  • History of Western Civilization I
  • History of Western Civilization II
  • Seminar
  • United States History I
  • United States History II

Students pursuing a History/Political Science major will take additional courses in political science, focusing on the development of modern systems of government in the west. Students pursuing teaching licensure will take professional education courses.

Political Science Major

The Political Science major (BA or BS) provides students with a superior education in politics and government.  Students who graduate from the Political Science program acquire fluency with the development of political thought, are conversant with the American political system at all levels, are proficient in the fundamental mechanisms of international relations, can compare political systems in a scientific fashion, and are able to detail the causes of political development.

Students graduating with a major in Political Science gain the speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills fundamental for numerous occupations (including government positions, non-profit sector, and business) and for a variety of graduate studies (Political Science, Intelligence, and Law are among the most popular.)

Courses in Political Science are applicable towards teaching licensure in History/Social Studies and support other areas of study.

For full details of the courses in our History and Political Science degree programs, please see our course catalog. To read admissions requirements for the History programs, please click here.

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