Communication Studies
and Journalism

Meet Our Communications/Journalism Faculty

The information technology revolution has altered all aspects of modern life—but few so radically as communication and journalism. Students earning a degree that focuses on preparing for the current state of media may find themselves at a disadvantage after the next inevitable paradigm shift. Averett University’s department of Communication Studies and Journalism aims to equip tomorrow’s media leaders with the adaptive knowledge they need to navigate whatever the future holds for their profession.

Our bachelor’s degree program in Communication Studies and Journalism teaches communication theory, emerging media studies, and practical content production methods in an environment that hones students’ writing, speaking, and critical analysis skills. Communications majors complete a common core of subjects, and then choose to concentrate on either Communication Studies or Journalism. An internship within the industry helps develop first-hand knowledge of the real-world work environment, and gives the student an opportunity to begin building a professional network.

After graduation, alumni find work in news organizations, public relations, marketing, television, radio, film, and other fields that rely on strong communication skills.

The Chanticleer ( – The Chanticleer is Averett’s Student Newspaper and serves as a source of information for the traditional program students, faculty and staff of Averett University. The first issue of The Chanticleer was published in 1922. The Chanticleer was distributed primarily as a printed publication until 2019 when it was transitioned to an online magazine.

Program Descriptions – Communication Studies and Journalism Degrees

Core Courses
All students enrolled as Communication Studies and Journalism majors complete the following block of courses:

  • Introduction to Human Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Mass Communication
  • Internship
  • Introduction to Media
  • Student Publications: Newspaper
  • Media Law and Ethics

Journalism Concentration
Students pursuing the Journalism track take an additional five courses, plus two related electives of their choice:

  • News and Feature Writing
  • Editorial and Current Affairs
  • Editing and Layout
  • Digital Media
  • Broadcasting

Communication Studies Concentration
In the Communication Studies concentration, students take four upper-level courses plus three electives of their choice:

  • Public Speaking
  • Communications Theory
  • Rhetorical Discourse and Society
  • Digital Media

Students also have the option to pursue Journalism or Communication Studies as a minor. For full details and course progressions, please see the current course catalog.

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