Modern Language and Culture Degree Program

Meet our Modern Languages and Culture Faculty

The Modern Language and Culture major, which is housed in the department of Language, Literature, and Culture, links language study with complementary academic disciplines such as the social sciences and humanities, which lay the groundwork for innovative thinking, social engagement, and intercultural competence. Students graduate with an array of interdisciplinary tools that prepare them for today’s global workplace. Students are encouraged to tailor the major to their interests and goals through electives, internships, and study abroad. Modern Language and Culture graduates can pursue a wide range of careers including:

  • English as a second language, language instruction, curriculum development
  • Arts, media, journalism
  • Public health, medicine, and social services
  • International affairs, government, diplomacy
  • Law and advocacy, activism
  • Consulting, entrepreneurship
  • International development and aid
  • Graduate studies

This program includes a foreign language requirement. This exciting opportunity allows you to experience immersion in your chosen language and gain first-hand knowledge of its culture and society.

Courses in the Modern Language and Culture Major

In addition to the core major requirements, students choose a concentration in Spanish or French. Refer to the catalog section on Frenchand Spanishfor a listing and descriptions of classes and related information.

  • Spanish is widely spoken in North and South America with over 430 million native speakers worldwide. It is useful for students pursuing nursing, law, social service, education, or business.
  • French is widely spoken in Europe, Africa, and Canada with over 200 million speakers worldwide. It’s a natural companion to the study of international politics, world health, international nonprofits, art, design, tourism, and finance.

Please note: Students entering this program should have already begun their study of French or Spanish prior to their arrival at Averett. A student with no background in either language may complete this major in four years but only through very careful planning with the Modern Language faculty.

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For full details of the requirements for the Modern Language and Culture program, please see our course catalog.

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