E-Sports and Gaming Administration Minor

Gaming is bigger than Hollywood & the music industry combined.

New careers are launching.

Students want in.


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Expected gaming industry size by 2026


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Choosing the Sports Administration major’s concentration in E-Sports and Gaming Administration or adding the minor in E-Sports and Gaming Administration to another program provides students with the necessary context for understanding the games industry, and basic understanding of how technology-based companies get things done. It also provides students with an understanding of the problems that are specific to managing e-sports teams and leagues.

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Introduction to Games

Games sit at the intersection of technology, art, and culture, so success within the games industry requires you to understand all three. This course explores why we love games, what role they play in society, and the industry that produces them. You’ll also learn the basics of game development. This course was developed in partnership with Unity and the IGDA to help everyone interested in the games industry start on the right foot. This online class has optional live sessions.

Introduction to E-Sports Management

Esports is one of the fastest growing industries, attracting hundreds of millions of viewers and generating billions in revenue. This course will introduce you to the history of competitive gaming and will explore its ecosystem. You will learn to navigate Esports leagues, teams, players, publishers, tournament operators, media and affiliate organizations. Furthermore, you’ll get firsthand experience in analyzing the space. This online course has optional live sessions.

Convention, Event and Trade Show Planning

Esports and Gaming companies rely heavily on conventions for marketing. Shows like TGS, PAX and E3 attract audiences from 60,000-300,000 and are tremendous opportunities for companies to generate excitement and drive sales. This course will teach you how to turn a gaming convention into a big win. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to handle planning, marketing and logistics for a corporate presence at a major convention. This online course has optional live sessions.

Distribution of Games: The Role of the Publisher

The role of a publisher in the games industry is to ensure that a game can get in front of its audience successfully. To do that, a publisher must consider a variety of distribution strategies and channels. This course will teach you how publishers promote games and bring them to market. By the end of this class you will be able to plan a game’s launch and promotion. This online class features optional live sessions.