Language, Literature & Culture Degree Programs

Meet Our Language, Literature & Culture Faculty

The Language, Literature, and Culture Department (formerly English) engages students in languages, cultures, writing, and a wide range of media, both in the classroom and in the community. The selection of required and suggested courses ensures that students completing a major in the LLC department are proficient in their use of written language, have good analytical skills, are careful readers, and have a strong background in the major texts and movements. Many of Averett’s LLC majors teach in secondary schools, pursue advanced degrees in law, business, and graduate schools, and go into journalism or business-related fields such as public relations, content writing, design, and advertising.

The Department’s supportive, interdisciplinary environment fosters students’ analytical and creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and communication strategies that engage with local and global perspectives. We see the tasks of understanding communication processes, learning languages, developing cultural awareness, honing writing skills, and analyzing literature, film, and other new media as profoundly interconnected. Ultimately, our holistic approach prepares students for future challenges and opportunities in civic and professional life.

The Department of Language, Literature, and Communication offers degrees in the following areas of study:


  • English with concentration in British, American, or Comparative Literature
  • English with Teaching Licensure 6-12
  • English Literature/History dual major
  • English Literature/Theatre dual major
  • Modern Language and Culture


For a full list of courses related to an LLC major, please see our course catalog. For more information about Averett University and our programs in Virginia, contact us or apply now and get started on your career today!