Averett University CAEP Accountability Measures

For states to receive Title II funding from the United States Department of Education, there must be a set “criteria, procedures, and processes from which institutions at-risk of becoming low-performing and low-performing institutions could be identified” (VDOE, 2017). Previously, The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) served as the accrediting body for Averett’s initial licencure and advanced preparation programs. VDOE “proposed Regulations Governing the Review and Approval of Education Programs in Virginia recommend requiring all institutions of higher education to seek accreditation through CAEP”. 

Each of the five CAEP standards have a series of components generated from two principles: “Solid evidence that the provider’s graduates are competent and caring educators,” and that “there must be solid evidence that the provider’s educator staff have the capacity to create a culture of evidence and use it to maintain and enhance the quality of the professional programs they offer.” (CAEP, n.d.).

Reporting Measures